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All Rounder


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Abinesh Nadarajan Personal Information

Full Name Aslam Inamdar
Nick Name Aslam
Age  20 Years 
Date of Birth  23 Feb 2003 
Place of Birth  Taklibhan Villlage , Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 
Country  India
Profession Kabaddi Player 
Education Graduated
Occupation  Kabaddi player  
Weight68 Kg
Height 5’9 Ft

Teams He Played For

Season 8Puneri Paltan  
Season 9 Puneri Paltan  
Matches Played 40
Total points earned 349
Raid Points per match 7.68
Not out %83.47%
Total Raids 623
Successful Raids   41
No. Of Super Raids 7
Super 10s 9
Total Raid Points 307
Average Raid Points/Match 7.68
No. Of Super Tackles1
High 5s0
Total Tackle Points 32
Average Successful Tackles/Match 0.8
Total Tackles 85
Tackle Success Rate % 36%
Avg. Time on Mat % 71.6
Avg. Out Rate  19.1
Avg. Strike Rate  44.04
Effective Points  128





Pro Kabaddi Season 8

Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Puneri Paltan

Puneri Paltan




20.00 L

Aslam Inamdar’s early Life

Aslam Inamdar’s early life showcases his remarkable spirit and ability to persevere, setting the foundation for his future endeavors in the world of Kabaddi. Aslam Inamdar, a dedicated Kabaddi player from India, has made a mark in the world of professional Kabaddi. Playing as a raider, his style on the mat is distinct and engaging. 

Aslam Inamdar’s Early Journey A Determined Start 

Aslam’s journey in life began on February 23, 2000, in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. However, his path was marked by an early setback – the loss of his father at a young age. This unfortunate event posed significant challenges to his family, leading them into a period of difficulty. 

Despite facing numerous obstacles and hardships, Aslam’s determination and resolve shone through. He managed to keep his passion for Kabaddi alive, even in the face of adversity. His unwavering commitment allowed him to rise above his circumstances, demonstrating resilience and a strong will. 

Debut in Season 8 

Season 8 of the Pro Kabaddi League witnessed Aslam Inamdar’s exciting debut with the Puneri Paltan team. As a lively and swift raider, he brings an element of speed to the game. His ability to swiftly navigate the field sets him apart, making him a valuable asset to the team. 

Speed and Bonus Points 

Aslam Inamdar is known for his quickness and agility on the Kabaddi mat. He strategically goes after bonus points in many of his games, showcasing his tactical approach. His emphasis on speed and bonus points adds an exciting dimension to his play style. 

Aslam Inamdar’s journey in Kabaddi

Aslam Inamdar’s journey in Kabaddi holds the promise of dynamic performances and contributions, as he continues to demonstrate his skills as a talented raider in the Pro Kabaddi League. 

Season 8 Impressive Debut 

In his debut season of the Pro Kabaddi League, this talented player showcased his skills and made a notable impact. Over the course of 23 matches, he accumulated an impressive total of 189 points.

His raid strike rate stood at 48%, highlighting his proficiency in offensive plays, while his tackle strike rate was commendable at 39%. Notably, he achieved the feat of earning 5 Super 10s during the season, solidifying his position as a standout performer. 

Season 9 Continued Excellence 

Continuing his journey with the Puneri Paltan, this player’s performance in season 9 continued to shine. Retained by the team, he played 17 matches and secured a total of 150 points. A key contributor to his team’s success, he earned 169 points through his skilled raiding and an additional 51 points from his effective tackling.

As his performances improved with each game, his raid strike rate reached 51%, while his tackle strike rate remained strong at 35%. Remarkably, he achieved 5 Super 10s once again, showcasing his consistent excellence on the Kabaddi mat. 

As the upcoming Kabaddi season approaches, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation surrounding this talented player. His fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing his continued growth and success on the mat. The expectation is that he will thrive and excel, earning the recognition and fame he rightfully deserves.

With his all-round skills and exceptional performance, he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the team. As he steps onto the Kabaddi field once again, his presence is sure to make a significant impact, contributing to his team’s victories and achievements. 

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