Kasinathan Baskaran Head Coach of Bengal Warriors

Kasinathan Baskaran Head Coach of Bengal Warriors

Name: Kashinathan Baskaran

Place of Birth: Tamil Nadu

Age: 54 Years Old

Head Coach: Bengal Warriors

Kasinathan Baskaran, a distinguished figure in the world of kabaddi, continues his role as the coach of the Bengal Warriors in season 10 of the Pro Kabaddi League. His performance and achievements as a player and as a coach made him a formidable coach and player.

Kasinathan Baskaran Early life and Career

He was born in Tamil Nadu in 1968. He started playing kabaddi at the very tender age of 12. He got his basic education from the Government School of Sooloyakottai. After playing Kabaddi for several years, he earned name and fame in both national and international tournaments. 

Later, he completed his degree as a specialist coach at the National Institute of Sports, Bengaluru. After starting his career, he emerged as one of the successful coaches of Kabaddi.

Baskaran Kasinathan’s Career as a Player:

His inspiration as a Kabaddi player was Raja Rajendran. He earned a job on sports quota at Pandian Roadways Corporation.

He then represented Air India in his career. He performed very well in national matches; in senior nationals, he won gold for three consecutive years.

Because of his performance, he was selected for the National Kabaddi Tea. From 1994 to 1997, he played for the national team and won several medals for the team.

Kasinathan Baskaran’s career as a coach in the Pro Kabaddi League:

Kasinathan Baskaran’s coaching journey in the Pro Kabaddi League is a testament to his expertise:

  • He began his coaching career in the league with the Jaipur Pink Panthers in season 1, guiding them to their inaugural championship victory.
  • His tenure with the Jaipur Pink Panthers extended to the next two seasons, showcasing his consistency in nurturing and leading the team.
  • Subsequently, he joined the Puneri Paltan in season 4 as their coach.
  • Season 5 saw him coaching the Tamil Thalaivas, adding another chapter to his coaching career.
  • In season 9, he was selected by the Bengal Warriors, further solidifying his reputation as a successful coach in the league.
  • Season 10 once again brings Baskaran Kasinathan back to the Bengal Warriors as their head coach, with high hopes for an exceptional performance.
Season 1Jaipur Pink Panthers
Season 2Jaipur Pink Panthers
Season 3Jaipur Pink Panthers
Season 4Puneri Paltan
Season 5Tamil Thalaivas
Season 9Bengal Warriors
Season 10Bengal Warriors

international Coaching career:

  • He had been the coach of the Indian Kabaddi team.
  • In 2010, he coached the Thailand team.
  • In 2014, he coached the Indian men’s Kabaddi team and helped them win bronze at the Beach Asian Games.
  • He was appointed as the coach of Indian International Kabaddi in 2026. He accompanied the team in lifting the trophy of the championship a third consecutive time by defeating Iran in the finals of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup.

Kasinathan Baskaran’s contributions to kabaddi, both as a player and a coach, continue to shape the sport’s landscape, and his role with the Bengal Warriors in season 10 holds the promise of further success.

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