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Pro Kabaddi League 

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Dabang Delhi K.C



Naveen Kumar Personal Information

Full Name Naveen Kumar
Nick Name Naveen
Age  23 Years 
Date of Birth  14 February 2000 
Place of Birth  Sultanpur, Haryana, India 
Country  India
Profession Kabaddi Player 
Education Kurukshetra University 
Occupation  Kabaddi player  
Weight76 Kg
Height 5’8 Ft

Teams He Played For

Season 6Dabang Delhi K.C 
Season 7Dabang Delhi K.C 
Season 8Dabang Delhi K.C 
Season 9 Dabang Delhi K.C 
Matches Played 85
Total points earned 948 
Raid Points per match 10.99 
Not out %82.33% 
Total Raids 1556 
Successful Raids   51% 
No. Of Super Raids 9
Super 10s 58 
Total Raid Points 934
Average Raid Points/Match 10.99 
No. Of Super Tackles2
High 5s0
Total Tackle Points 14
Average Successful Tackles/Match 0.16 
Total Tackles 38
Tackle Success Rate % 32%
Avg. Time on Mat % 74.17 
Avg. Out Rate  19.64 
Avg. Strike Rate  65.87 
Effective Points  689 





Pro Kabaddi Season 6

Pro Kabaddi Season 7

Pro Kabaddi Season 8

Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Dabang Delhi K.C

Dabang Delhi K.C

Dabang Delhi K.C

Dabang Delhi K.C





6.60 L

30.00 L

90.00 L

100.00 L

Naveen Kumar’s Early Life 

Naveen Kumar is a young and talented player who embarked on his career in the world of Kabaddi at a very young age. His passion for sport and exceptional skills caught the attention of the Kabaddi experts. 

Naveen Kumar was born on February 14, 2000, in Sultanpur, Haryana, India. Since childhood, he has been a Kabaddi enthusiast. 

He completed his education at Kurukshetra University. 

He belongs to the family of sports zealots. Despite being from a humble background, he gave his full potential to the game. His grandfather introduced him to Kabaddi. 

Naveen Kumar, Pro Kabaddi League Career 

Naveen achieved a major milestone in his career after joining the Pro Kabaddi League. He made a significant impact in the PKL. He emerged as the top scorer in his maiden season of performances. 

Naveen Kumar made his debut in season 6 of the Pro Kabaddi League with Dabang Delhi. He emerged as one of the best raiders in the league. In season 6, he played a total of 22 matches, in which he earned 177 points. His raid strike rate was 56%, and his tackle strike rate was 43%. 

For the next season, he was retained by Dabang Delhi for 30.00 L. In season 7, he played a total of 23 matches, in which he earned 303 points. His raid strike rate was 64%, and his tackle strike rate was 25%. 

In season 8 of the Pro Kabaddi League, his performance was up to par. He was retained for 90.00 lakhs. He played a total of 17 matches in that season. In 17 matches, he earned a total of 210 points. His raid strike rate was 61%, and his tackle strike rate was 38%. 

By looking at his performance, he was retained by Dabang Delhi for the hefty sum of 1 crore. His performance in season 9 was spectacular. He played 23 matches total, in which he earned 258 points. His raid strike rate was 58%, and his tackle strike rate was 40%. 

Awards and Achievements 

He also became the fastest player to reach 600 points in the history of the league. However, he had to walk out in the middle due to an injury. Naveen won the Most Valuable Player Award in season 7. 

International career 

Naveen Kumar plays for the Indian national kabaddi team. 

He was a part of the national team at the 13th South Asian Games, where he played an important role in helping the team win the tournament. 

He scored a Super 10 in the final against Sri Lanka. 

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