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Pardeep Narwal Personal Information

Full Name Pardeep Narwal
Nick Name Pardeep
Age  26 Years 
Date of Birth  16 February 1997
Place of Birth  Rindhana, Sonipat, Haryana
Country  India
Profession Kabaddi Player 
Education Graduated
Occupation  Kabaddi player  
Weight80 Kg
Height 5’10 Ft

Teams He Played For

Season 2Bengaluru Bulls
Season 3Patna Pirates 
Season 4Patna Pirates 
Season 5Patna Pirates 
Season 6Patna Pirates 
Season 7Patna Pirates 
Season 8U.P Yoddhas 
Season 9 U.P Yoddhas 
Matches Played 153
Total points earned 1577
Raid Points per match 10.25
Not out %76.2%
Total Raids 2639
Successful Raids   45%
No. Of Super Raids 73
Super 10s 79
Total Raid Points 1568
Average Raid Points/Match 10.25
No. Of Super Tackles2
High 5s0
Total Tackle Points 9
Average Successful Tackles/Match 0.06
Total Tackles 45
Tackle Success Rate % 16%
Avg. Time on Mat % 54.23
Avg. Out Rate  27.37
Avg. Strike Rate  55.12
Effective Points  881





Pro Kabaddi Season 4

Pro Kabaddi Season 5

Pro Kabaddi Season 6

Pro Kabaddi Season 7

Pro Kabaddi Season 8

Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates

U.P Yoddhas 

U.P Yoddhas 







20.00 L

55.00 L

60.00 L

77.83 L

165.00 L

90.00 L

Pardeep Narwal’s Early Life 

Pardeep Narwal was born in February 1997 in Sonepat, Haryana. When he was really young, his Uncle showed him how to play Kabaddi. He started learning Kabaddi when he was only 6 years old. He got picked for his school’s Kabaddi team when he was just 11 years old. Later, at 12, he joined the Haryana Kabaddi Academy to learn more about Kabaddi, especially a move called “Dubki.”

With practice and dedication, he became one of the best Kabaddi players. He began by playing in local tournaments in his district. His skills caught the attention of the coach from the Air Force and service team, who encouraged him to compete at the national level. 

Pardeep Narwal then proudly represented the Air Force in national games and helped them secure the championship title.

Pardeep Narwal’s Patna Pirates Triumphs 

Pardeep Narwal also achieved great success with the Patna Pirates team, leading them to victory three times. His exceptional talent and hard work contributed to the team’s wins, making him a celebrated figure in the world of Kabaddi. 

Pardeep Narwal’s Pro Kabaddi League Career 

  • Won the Kabaddi World Cup in 2016. 
  • Secured victory in the Asian Kabaddi Championship in 2017. 
  • Emerged as the champion of the Kabaddi Masters Dubai Championship. 
  • Set a record for the most points in a single raid. 
  • Earned the Best Raider awards in 2017 and 2018. 
  • Became the first player to achieve 1,000 raid points. 
  • Achieved the milestone of 1500 raid points. 
  • Holds the record for the most super raids in a single season. 
  • Awarded the Most Valuable Player title twice, in 2016 and 2017. 

Season 2

Pardeep Narwal began his Pro Kabaddi League adventure in the year 2015 when he joined the Bengaluru Bulls. During this season, his participation on the mat was limited, but he managed to play in 6 matches. He earned 9 points with a strike rate of 25%.league. 

Season 3 Rising Star

In the following season, Pardeep Narwal emerged as one of the best raiders in the league. He achieved his first Super 10 against the Patna Pirates, showcasing his remarkable raiding skills. He even set a new record for the most raid points in a single match, scoring an impressive 24 points against the Telugu Titans

His outstanding performance played a crucial role in helping the Patna Pirates secure the championship title. Throughout the season, he played a total of 16 matches and accumulated 121 points, with a raid strike rate of 62%. Pardeep Narwal’s impact on the game was undeniable. 

Season 4 Continuing Success 

In Season 4 of the Pro Kabaddi League, Pardeep Narwal showcased his raiding prowess by scoring an impressive 115 raid points. His exceptional performance led to him being crowned as one of the most valuable players of the season.

Notably, his team, the Patna Pirates, managed to retain their championship title, showcasing the combined efforts of Pardeep Narwal and his talented teammates, including Surjeet Singh and Rajesh Mondal. Throughout the season, he participated in 4 matches, accumulating 133 points with a strike rate of 50%. 

Season 5 Captaincy and Records

Taking on the role of captain in Season 5, Pardeep Narwal achieved remarkable feats. He set a new record by amassing the highest number of points in a single season. One of his standout moments was an unforgettable 8-point raid against the Haryana Steelers.

His outstanding contributions earned him the title of the most valuable player of the season. Additionally, Pardeep Narwal had the honor of representing India in the 2018 Kabaddi Master Championship held in Dubai.

Despite facing challenging empty raids, his teammates Monu Goyat and Rishank Devadiga made significant impacts, helping India secure victory by defeating Iran. Over the course of Season 5, Pardeep Narwal played in 26 matches, accumulating an impressive 369 points with a raid strike rate of 63%. 

Season 6 Consistent Brilliance 

During Season 6, Pardeep Narwal continued to shine with his consistent performances. He earned recognition as one of the best players of the season, standing out among his peers. Pardeep achieved a significant milestone by becoming the second player to surpass 200 points in two consecutive seasons, following in the footsteps of Ajay Thakur. 

His impressive tally of 185 successful raids in Season 6 showcased his exceptional raiding skills. Despite Patna Pirates facing defensive challenges, Pardeep’s remarkable efforts stood out, earning him multiple best raid awards, further solidifying his reputation. 

Season 7 Record-Breaking Achievement 

In Season 7, Pardeep Narwal etched his name in the history of the Pro Kabaddi League by becoming the first player to secure a remarkable 1000 points. This incredible feat highlighted his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport, setting a new benchmark for success. 

Season 9 Setting New Records

Season 9 brought new achievements for Pardeep Narwal as he reached a milestone of over 1500 raid points in his Pro Kabaddi League career.

 He accomplished this record-setting feat during a match against the Gujarat Giants at the Hyderabad Stadium. Pardeep’s consistent performance and ability to achieve such impressive records have solidified his place as one of Kabaddi’s greatest raiders. 

International Achievements 

  • Represented India in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. 
  • Became the world champion by defeating Iran in the Kabaddi World Cup. 

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