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Pro Kabaddi League 

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Telugu Titans 



Parvesh Bhainswal Personal Information

Full Name Parvesh Bhainswal
Nick Name Parvesh
Age  24 Years 
Date of Birth  14 February 1999 
Place of Birth  India
Country  India 
Profession Kabaddi Player 
Education Graduated
Occupation  Kabaddi Player 
Weight73 Kg
Height 5’11 Ft

Teams He Played For

Season 4Jaipur Pink Panthers
Season 5Telugu Titans  
Season 6Gujrat Giants  
Season 7Gujrat Giants  
Season 8Gujrat Giants  
Season 9 Telegu Titans  
Matches Played 122
Total points earned 306
Raid Points per match 0.03
Not out %50%
Total Raids 8
Successful Raids   0%
No. Of Super Raids 0
Super 10s 0
Total Raid Points 4
Average Raid Points/Match 0.03
No. Of Super Tackles31
High 5s19
Total Tackle Points 302
Average Successful Tackles/Match 2.48
Total Tackles 548
Tackle Success Rate % 49%
Avg. Time on Mat % 85.19
Avg. Out Rate  43.87
Avg. Strike Rate  61.81
Effective Points  122





Pro Kabaddi Season 5

Pro Kabaddi Season 6

Pro Kabaddi Season 7

Pro Kabaddi Season 8

Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Telugu Titans  

Gujrat Giants  

Gujrat Giants  

Gujrat Giants  

Telugu Titans






25.00 L

35.00 L

75.00 L


62.00 L

Parvesh Bhainswal’s Early Life and Background  

Parvesh Bhainswal was born on 12th April 1997 in the town of Bhainswal. He hails from a humble background, with his family being farmers. From a very young age, Parvesh showed a keen interest in Kabaddi and started playing the sport. He found a perfect teammate in his cousin, Sunil Kumar Malik, who is also a Kabaddi player, and together, they formed a strong team. Parvesh’s family, especially his brother, always supported and encouraged him in his Kabaddi journey. 

Parvesh Bhainswal’s Emergence as a Young Talent 

Representing his school at various levels, Parvesh showcased his Kabaddi skills and soon emerged as a promising young talent in the sport. His performances in various tournaments caught the attention of Jaivir Sharma, who noticed his potential during the university nationals. Recognizing his talent, Jaivir Sharma provided Parvesh with the opportunity to polish his skills and take his game to the next level. 

Parvesh Bhainswal’s Pro Kabaddi League Career Season 4  

Debut with Jaipur Pink Panthers Parvesh made his debut in the Pro Kabaddi League during Season 4 with the Jaipur Pink Panthers. However, this season, he couldn’t perform as expected, and the Pink Panthers decided to let him go. 

Season 5 Joining Gujrat Giants 

 In Season 5, Parvesh was picked up by the Gujrat Giants, and the team’s coach, Manpreet Singh, was impressed by his abilities as a defender. The young defenders, including Parvesh, Sunil, Abozar, and Fazel, formed a strong defense that led the Gujrat Giants to the playoffs in their maiden season. 

Season 6 Title of Second Best Defender 

 Retained by the Gujrat Giants for Season 6, Parvesh displayed a spectacular performance and earned the title of the second-best defender of the season after Nitesh Kumar. With 86 points in 25 matches, he played a crucial role in taking his team to the final. 

Season 7 A Worthy Acquisition 

 During the auction for Season 7, the Gujrat Giants acquired Parvesh for 75.00 lakhs rupees. He played 22 matches and scored 55 points, proving his worth as a top defender. 

Season 8 A Valuable Retention 

 For Season 8, the Gujrat Giants retained Parvesh, recognizing his contribution to the team’s defense. 

Season 9 Joining Telugu Titans 

 In Season 9, Parvesh was presented for auctions, and the Telugu Titans picked him up as their prized defender for 62 Lakhs rupees. He played 21 games in which he earned 58 points, showcasing his prowess on the mat. Parvesh Bhainswal’s journey from a small town to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Pro Kabaddi League is a testament to his dedication and hard work. As a fierce and skilled defender, he continues to leave a lasting impact on the Kabaddi world, and his fans eagerly await more remarkable performances from “The Rising Kabaddi Star.

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