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Sunil Kumar



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Jaipur Pink Panthers



Sunil Kumar Personal Information

Full Name Sunil Kumar
Nick Name Sunil
Age  25 Years 
Date of Birth  15 May 1998
Place of Birth  Sonipat, Haryana, India
Country  India
Profession Kabaddi Player 
Education Graduated
Occupation  Kabaddi player  
Weight70 Kg
Height 5’8 Ft

Teams He Played For

Season 4Patna Pirates
Season 5Gujrat Giants  
Season 6Gujrat Giants  
Season 7Gujrat Giants  
Season 8Gujrat Giants  
Season 9 Jaipur Pink Panthers 
Matches Played 114
Total points earned 286
Raid Points per match 0.04
Not out %98.35%
Total Raids 121
Successful Raids   4%
No. Of Super Raids 0
Super 10s 0
Total Raid Points 5
Average Raid Points/Match 0.4
No. Of Super Tackles17
High 5s16%
Total Tackle Points 281
Average Successful Tackles/Match 2.46
Total Tackles 530
Tackle Success Rate % 50%
Avg. Time on Mat % 87.28
Avg. Out Rate  40.12
Avg. Strike Rate  65.97
Effective Points  165





Pro Kabaddi Season 5

Pro Kabaddi Season 6

Pro Kabaddi Season 7

Pro Kabaddi Season 8

Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Gujrat Giants  

Gujrat Giants  

Gujrat Giants  

Gujrat Giants  

Jaipur Pink Panthers 






30.40 L

49.10 L

67.00 L

74.40 L

90.00 L

Sunil Kumar’s From Farm to Kabaddi Glory 

Early Life and Inspiration Born on May 12, 1997, in the Sonipat district of Haryana, Sunil Kumar comes from a humble background, with farming being his family’s primary occupation. He is the eldest in his family and was inspired by his cousin, Parvesh Bhainsal, a Kabaddi player. 

Passion for Kabaddi 

 Sunil’s love for Kabaddi started from a young age. He excelled in university nationals, winning a gold medal, which caught the attention of Jaivir Sharma. Under Sharma’s guidance at the Sports Authority of India, Sunil honed his skills and joined the SAI team, where he clinched two consecutive tournament victories. 

Defensive Expertise

Sunil Kumar’s prowess lies in defense, particularly as a right-corner defender. His strong tackling skills and decision-making, coupled with impeccable timing, make him a formidable force on the mat. He specializes in preventing opposing players from earning bonus points. 

Sunil’s Pro Kabaddi League Journey 

 Sunil’s journey in the Pro Kabaddi League began with Patna Pirates in Season 4, although he faced challenges in his debut season. Moving forward, he was acquired by the Gujarat Giants in Season 5. Sunil’s standout performance in this season, with 58 points and a 56% tackle strike rate, established him as the second-best defender in the league. He gained fame for tackling big players and consistently led his team to the finals. In Season 6, he proudly earned the title of the top defender. 

Season 9 Triumph 

 Season 9 saw Sunil Kumar in action again, playing 23 matches and contributing 65 points. His exceptional performance was instrumental in his team’s victory, lifting the PKL Season 9 Trophy. Sunil Kumar’s journey from a farming background to becoming a Kabaddi star exemplifies his dedication and skill. His defensive abilities and impactful contributions make him a true asset to the sport. 

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