Telugu Titans Coach Srinivas Reddy

Telugu Titans Coach Srinivas Reddy

Name: Srinivas Reddy

Place of Birth: Utterpally, Sangareddy, Hyderabad

Age: 45 Years

Head Coach: Telugu Titans

Srinivas Reddy assumes the role of head coach for the Telugu Titans in season 10 of the Pro Kabaddi League.

Coaching Journey in Pro Kabaddi League:

Srinivas Reddy embarked on his coaching journey with the Telugu Titans in season 4. Under his adept guidance during that season, the Telugu Titans secured an impressive second-place finish.

Notably, Srinivas Reddy has contributed to multiple Pro Kabaddi League teams:

  • He served as the head coach of the Jaipur Pink Panthers.
  • Additionally, he played a vital role as an assistant coach for the Haryana Steelers, demonstrating his versatility and dedication to the sport.

Achievements as a Head Coach

Srinivas Reddy’s coaching achievements extend beyond the Pro Kabaddi League and include international success:

  • Coached the South Korea (Men’s) Kabaddi Team in the Asian Championship in 2014, guiding them to a bronze medal.
  • Coached the South Korea (Men’s) Kabaddi Team at the 2016 Asian Beach Games, resulting in another bronze medal win.
  • Coached the South Korea (Women’s) Kabaddi team in Beach Kabaddi at the Asian Beach Games in 2016, where they secured a bronze medal.
  • Led the Indian Boys Kabaddi Team to victory in the 2016 junior Asian Championship in Iran, earning a gold medal.
  • Coached the Indian Kabaddi Team in the Dubai Kabaddi Masters, UAE, in 2018, helping them achieve a gold medal.
  • Guided the Indian Women Kabaddi Team to a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Championship in Jakarta, UAE, showcasing his adept coaching skills.

Srinivas Reddy’s dynamic coaching journey, spanning both domestic and international arenas, underscores his commitment to the sport of kabaddi. His leadership with the Telugu Titans in season 10 is anticipated to bring further success to the team.

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